iParametrics is a recognized national leader in emergency management, homeland security, program management, and cost engineering.

We work on the most complex, cutting-edge problems, offering client-focused solutions aimed at improving resilience. As a multifaceted advisory firm, our team of over 100 employees has worked with a broad range of clients, including numerous federal agencies and over 300+ cities, counties, and townships, in all 50 states in the United States and globally. Our experience includes projects throughout the state of Florida, including ongoing disaster recovery, mitigation, and planning throughout the state.

Our team members excel at working hand-in-hand with each client we serve to understand their long-term goals and then ensure those goals are put in motion through planning, grant writing and adminstration, and recovery efforts.

Ways to Contract With Us

The best way to contract with us is to contact Shanti Smith-Copeland, CEM, FPEM, to find the best contracting vehicle. Our team holds a number of purchasing contracts and cooperative agreements across the United States that allow us to help clients without having to do your own procurement, when you need it.

Meet Our Team

Our team of experts is what sets iParametrics apart. This group of experienced emergency managers, planners, trainers, and data solutions specialists understands the needs of state, county, and local agencies when it comes to disaster planning, recovery, response, and mitigation. We are ready at a moment's notice to help you make a full recovery for whatever strikes!

Jeff Stevens, CEM, MEP

Vice President, Emergency Management & Community Resilience. Jeff leads our team by providing the knowledge of how to put together the most holistic recovery possible for our clients. He has decades of experience with a variety of federal and local programs and is responsible for overseeing client satisifaction for all of our emergency management clients.

Shanti Smith-Copeland, CEM, FPEM

Shanti Smith-Copeland Website 2
Director, Emergency Management. Shanti Smith-Copeland leads our Emergency Management programs in the Southeast. She has extensive knowledge of recovery and response work in Florida through her state-level positions and experience.

Royce Woodruff, D.Sc.

Royce Woodruff Website
Director, Disaster Recovery. Royce Woodruff is a mitigation expert with past experience working for FEMA as a Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Specialist. He has extensive experience in the Southeast. He has worked on numerous disasters affecting communities across Florida, including the April 2014 Floods in the Florida panhandle and the Flagler County Response to Hurricane Matthew.

Mark Homrich

Mark Homrich Website
Vice President, Data Analytics and Digital Solutions. Mark Homrich has over two and a half decades of experience leading teams in developing and creating digital tools to help clients make better decisions. His team of data analytics experts and developers works with our emergency manaegement team to take disaster-related data and turn it into usable tools to help make quick and community-focused recovery decisions.