Machine Learning and Analytics Modeling for USACE
February 9, 2020
State Physical Security Program
February 9, 2020

iParametrics supported a local public utility in developing and executing a Security Master Plan through the application of security and risk assessments.


The customer utility provides electric, water, and wastewater services to a 130+ mile area along the southern United States border. The utility serves over 100,000 residents, providing essential services, including the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity. The utility also operates multiple water and wastewater treatment facilities throughout the community.


Our tasks included physical security and risk assessments of over 20 critical assets and an evaluation of the utility’s security and emergency management programs. Some of these facilities are located on the United States-Mexico border and subject to transnational crimes occurring in the border region. The end result was a detailed, multi-year security management program.


Our team performed NERC- and EPA-compliant Risk & Resiliency Assessments of over 20 critical operational facilities, including water and wastewater treatment plants, water towers, a power generation plant, electric substations, wastewater lift stations, office buildings, and maintenance facilities.


The project delivered a long-term security management strategy for the protection of utility assets for years to come and the integration of security management into the utility as a whole. The project was so successful that it resulted in additional planning work awarded to our team, including agency-wide policies for access control, visitor management and key control, electronic security systems management, incident reporting, and guard force performance.