iParametrics has been assisting clients throughout the country with COVID-19 response, including FEMA grant management support, finding personal protection equipment (PPE), and training. Let us help you too!

FEMA Public Assistance Support for Our Clients

Our team has prepared and submitted tens of thousands of Project Worksheets (PWs) on behalf of our clients and recovered billions of dollars in disaster-related recovery funds. We have worked in all FEMA regions and at all levels (applicant, grantee, and federal) which gives a unique perspective when approaching FEMA Public Assistance (PA) Services.

In terms of PA, we provide a very policy driven approach, seeking to maximize our client's eligible funding while reducing their overall risk for future deobligation. This approach is key in supporting client operations as you recover from COVID-19 because of FEMA’s adjustment to a Simplified PA Process specifically for this pandemic:

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Who is eligible to apply?

  • Cities and towns
  • Counties
  • Special purpose districts
  • State agencies
  • Federally recognized Indian Tribes
  • Private non-profit (PNP) organizations
  • PNP hospitals
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What is eligible for reimbursement?

  • Actions taken to save lives and protect public health and safety
  • Complies with federal, state, and local laws and regulations
  • Actions taken at the direction of local public health entities
  • Credits - Insurance proceeds, salvage value, purchase discounts (no duplicate benefits)
  • Project worksheets (PWs) must be a minimum of $3,300 (Federal FY 20)

What makes a reimbursement eligible?

  • Must be disaster related
  • Conducted in the designated disaster area
  • Be applicant's legal responsibility
  • Not funded by a federal agency

Analytics & Data Science Perspective: COVID-19 & FEMA Public Assistance Obligations

Historic Analytics

We have been collecting this information since June 24, 2020 and update it reguarly. To see past analysis, click on the links below.

For additional details and analysis, please contact Jeff Stevens at Jeff.Stevens@iParametrics.com.

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Why iParametrics?

Supported over 60 Presidentially declared disasters over the past 16 years
Experienced in FEMA Public Assistance in 39 states and almost every FEMA region
Received 94 quality score from our clients through D&B Open Ratings reports
Applied for billions of dollars in reimbursements for applicants and clients
Completed and submitted thousands of Project Worksheets for our clients

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