AMCOM Express: Programmatics

The Aviation and Missile Command - Expedited Professional & Engineering Support Services, Programmatics Domain and EXPRESS program provide comprehensive advisory and assistance services to the AMCOM Life Cycle Management Command, U.S. Army Program Executive Offices (PEOs), U.S. Army Materiel Command (AMC), U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command (RDECOM) and other customers. It is a multiple-award Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) program based upon the use of GSA Federal Supply Schedules.

GSA MAS Schedule

Professional Engineering Services Analysis (PES)

In disaster recovery, government and non-profit organizations can leverage GSA Schedules for immediate support. The General Schedule Agency (GSA), also known as the Federal Supply Schedule, or the Multiple Award Schedule (MAS), is a long-term governmentwide contract with commercial companies that provides access to commercial products and services at fair and reasonable prices to the government. Our SINs include:

Technical Consulting Services (541690): Typical associated tasks include, but are not limited to ergonomic/human performance analysis, feasibility analysis, logistics planning, requirements determination, policy standards/procedures development, conducting research studies, long-term reliability and maintainability, training, consulting, conduct acceptance, functional and post acceptance testing, testing, integration of the payload for flight Customer Agency, support provided during launch, orbital maneuvering and satellite separation from the spacecraft.

Management and Financial Consulting, Grants Management, and Project Management (541611): Provide operating advice and assistance on administrative and management issues. Examples include: strategic and organizational planning, business process improvement, acquisition and grants management support, facilitation, surveys, assessment and improvement of financial management systems, financial reporting and analysis,due diligence in validating an agency’s portfolio of assets and related support services, strategic financial planning, financial policy formulation and development,special cost studies, actuarial services, economic and regulatory analysis, benchmarking and program metrics, and business program and project management.

Total Solution Support Products for Facilities Management Systems (334512): Includes products to support facilities management systems, such as repair parts, surveillance systems, security functions, energy functions, building comfort systems, etc.

Geographic Information Services (GIS) Services (541370GIS): Services provided in support of environmental program include: cultural resource GIS (CRGIS); groundwater monitoring; growth forecast modeling; habitat conservation plans; habitat modeling; image analysis support for emergency response; mapping, cartography, and mashups (e.g., combining data from more than one source into a single integrated tool to include aerial mapping); migration pattern analysis; natural resource planning; remote sensing for environmental studies; terrestrial, marine, and/or atmospheric measuring/management; vegetation mapping; and watershed characterization for mitigation planning.

IT Professional Services (54151S): Includes labor categories for database planning and design; systems analysis, integration, and design; programming, conversion and implementation support; network services, data/records management, and testing.

Security Training (611430ST): Includes all security training related to law enforcement, security, emergency preparedness and/or first responders. Examples include instructor-led training, web-based training, pre-set courses, training development, etc.

Professional and Management Development Training (611430): Services include offering an array of short duration courses and seminars for management and professional development. Training for career development may be provided directly to individuals or through employers' training programs, and courses may be customized or modified to meet the special needs of customers. Instruction may be provided in diverse settings, such as the establishment's or agency’s training facilities, and through diverse means, such as correspondence, television, the Internet, or other electronic and distance-learning methods. The training provided may include the use of simulators and simulation methods.

Engineering consulting services are also part of this contract and relate to real property include, but are not limited to, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, fire protection engineering, forensic engineering, structural engineering, or any other specialized engineering consulting services that are utilized in regards to real property. Authorized engineering consulting tasks include design reviews, shop drawing reviews, submittal reviews, inspection and testing services, witnessing acceptance tests of equipment and systems, commissioning, modeling and analysis, loss investigation, facility surveys, safety evaluations, research studies, risk mitigation strategy development or reviews, and other related technical consulting services.

For more information, please contact Andrew Klein at [email protected]

Purchasing Cooperative of America

PCA OD-363-22 Disaster Preparedness Services and Related Items

The Purchasing Cooperative Agreement of America allows clients to use this agreement to provide disaster preparedness services, including but not limited to: emergency management plans or risk assessment plans or hazard mitigation plans or disaster preparedness plans related natural disasters or man‐made, including tornadoes, hurricanes, and wildfires, terror attacks, utility outages due to electric power grid challenges, and more.

Services included under this contract include Emergency Management Planning, Emergency Response Objectives for Policies and Procedures, Emergency Alert Systems, Risk Assessment Plans, Hazard Mitigation Plans, Operation/Process Improvement Solutions for Utilities, Monitoring Systems for Critical Power Grid Utilities, Transmission/Distribution Plan for Public Utilities, and others.

PCA Membership is open to public sector entities including educational institutions such as public and private schools, independent school districts and charter schools, education service centers, and higher education colleges and universities; and local, state and Federal governmental agencies such as municipalities, counties, political subdivisions, federal agencies, other governmental agencies, and nontaxed non‐profit organizations throughout the United States and U.S. Territories that follow local governing authority allowing them to utilize contracts procured by PCA and administered by Awarding Agency, pursuant numerous states’ joint powers statutes. PCA membership is free for these agencies and can happen quickly so that you can start taking advantage of this cooperative agreement.

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Houston-Galveston Area Council (HGAC) Buy

All Hazards Preparedness, Planning, Consulting & Recovery Services

The Houston-Galveston Area Council (HGAC) is a regional council of governments operating under the laws of the State of Texas and governed by a board comprised of 35 elected officials from the 13-county region. The HGAC Board awards all contracts, which can then be made available to local governments nationwide through HGACBuy. All units of local government, including non-profits providing governmental services, are eligible to become members.

State of Iowa Security Master Planning Contract

Prequalified to provide a variety of security services for the Iowa General Services Administration

Under the Security Master Planning contract with the Iowa General Services Department, iParametrics is a pre-qualified consultant to provide a range of services to increase the safety, reduce the vulnerability, and improve the security of the State and its political subdivisions including counties, cities, townships, villages, schools, utility and flood-control districts, and similar governmental entities.

Learn more about this program, here.

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Morris County, New Jersey

Contract to support emergency management and security services in the UASI Region

iParametrics was selected by Morris County to assist the County to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters and emergencies in a way that makes the County stronger and more resilient. These events require an understanding of federal reimbursement programs, like the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Public Assistance (PA) and the current Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, and also an in-depth knowledge of security, threat, and risk assessments that meet the requirements of the Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI).”

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Northern California Power Agency (NCPA)

Security Assessments and Security Assessment Reviews for the NCPA member agencies

iParametrics, as a subcontractor to MOCA Systems, holds an Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Cost Engineering Services Contract to support the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Walla Walla District (Center of Expertise), DOE and other Federal Agencies. This contract is intended to satisfy and support cost-related engineering services and needs across the Federal Government (CONUS and OCONUS), both for standard cost efforts and requirements as well as non-standard, such as emergency recovery and response. All task orders against this contract must be processed directly by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Contracting Officers.

Capacity for this contract is $22 million and covers the continguous United States (CONUS) and outside contiguous United States (OCONUS) territories and regions.

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Virginia Cooperative Agreement


Beginning in 2019, iParametrics was selected as a Security Consultant for Chesterfield County, Virginia. The state of Virginia allows for cooperative purchasing with any jurisdiction or agency that has completed the required procurement process. Through this agreement, any agency in Virginia can use Chesterfield County’s Security Consultant agreement to purchase their own security consulting services.

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New Mexico Security Pricing Agreement


In 2019, iParametrics was selected by the state of New Mexico to participate in a statewide security pricing agreement. This agreement allows for any city, county, or other agency in the state to purchase their security consulting services directly from prequalified and trusted consultants. The pre-negotiated pricing and simple work order process for any of the plans/assessments an agency or municipality wants to undertake can be done by a pre-approved consultant.

The services covered under this agreement include vulnerability assessments, risk profiles, site and building surveys, including review of existing security equipment, critical asset surveys, antiterrorism program/plan, LAN/wireless security assessments, security policies/procedures, training and exercises, all-hazard mitigation plan, three to five-year security master implementation plans, and management of implementation plans.

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