iParametrics was founded in 2003 to provide a diverse range of advisory services. Today, we provide multi-faceted solutions in the areas of emergency and risk management, decision and analytical sciences, and program and cost consulting. We have extensive experience on a wide range of projects supporting federal, state, and municipal government programs.


iParametrics’ Principles are the backbone of our business. We are a customer-focused, employee-driven firm dedicated to integrity, quality, and the highest standards of our industry. We enter each engagement committed to delivering the best products and services and exceeding our clients' expectations.

This commitment to excellence is made possible by the expertise and professionalism of our employees.

The following Principles drive everything we do:

  • DELIVER RESULTS: Customer loyalty is the key to our future. Loyalty is built on trust - when we make a promise, we deliver.
  • SUPPORT COMMUNITIES: Our work is never "just projects" - people and communities are depending on our success.
  • INNOVATE: Seek opportunities to develop innovative solutions
  • BE PASSIONATE: Demonstrate passion for what you do
  • EMPOWER OUR EMPLOYEES: Our most valuable asset is our employees; with them nothing is impossible

Overall, we bring our customers a diverse group of creative, technical, and entrepreneurial talents, all focused on providing a memorable customer experience and a safer community.