We foster a culture of continuous improvement through our quality program and the regular analysis and reporting of performance measurement data to improve processes, procedures, and client services. We use independent client audits performed by Dun and Bradstreet to assess our performance and maintain a D&B Open Ratings Score of 94, which places our company in the top 10th percentile of firms in the United States. Our most recent audit report can be found here.


  • City Financial Recovery and Support

  • County Disaster Recovery and Grants Management

  • City of Lowell, Massachusetts

  • FEMA Public Assistance Technical Assistance Contract

  • Energy Security Program

  • Crisis Management Planning and Training

  • Rapid Hurricane Response Application

  • Community Water System Risk & Resiliency Assessment

  • DOD Human Performance Program

  • Regional Economic Disaster Recovery

  • Langley Air Force Base Cyber Operations Facility

  • COVID-19 Online Training

  • Weld County, Colorado

  • Machine Learning and Analytics Modeling for USACE

  • Utility Risk Assessment and Security Master Plan

  • State Physical Security Program

  • Government Security Consulting

  • Hurricane Sandy Recovery Assistance

  • Municipal Security Consultant

  • FEMA Public Assistance (PA) Learning Management System

  • Military Cost Management Program