Municipal Security Consultant
February 9, 2020
Military Cost Management Program
January 10, 2020

When responding to the nation’s most trying disasters, it is important to have a highly educated workforce who are prepared to immediately deploy and assist with recovery efforts.


The Fluor Corporation wanted to improve overall service delivery to FEMA through effectively educating their workforce while reducing deployed training time.


iParametrics was tasked with creating a Learning Management System (LMS) capable of supporting over 1,500 personnel including the development of courses within that LMS.


iParametrics stood up a fully functional learning management system and deployed the first course, the Program Delivery Manager Operations Course, in less than six months. iParametrics manages the system and consistently expands offerings to ensure the Fluor Team remains the best educated team.


Hundreds of users have taken advantage of the learning management platform seeing an aggregate course satisfaction score of over 92%. The use of this learning management system has saved FEMA and the federal taxpayer, millions of dollars in deployment costs.