Utility Risk Assessment and Security Master Plan
February 9, 2020
Government Security Consulting
February 9, 2020

iParametrics was selected to provide a comprehensive security review of a state capital campus.


The state capital complex includes dozens of buildings with disparate security technology and programs. The purpose of the project was to complete an overall look at the security needs for the campus and coordinate efforts across buildings, agencies, and departments to provide better security for the entire area. Security efforts must be mindful of the constitutional rights of the public, particularly those associated with the First and Second Amendments.


We were contracted to assess over 4.5 million square feet of facilities supporting 46 state organizations including Executive, Legislative, and Judicial office spaces. The project also included parks, trails, memorials, monuments, and artwork on the campus grounds.


We assessed the current capital campus security, performed a comparative assessment of security systems and operations, identified opportunities to mitigate security vulnerabilities, developed a physical security risk assessment and a multi-year phased plan for improving campus security, and even performed a spatial analysis and GIS modeling of the state’s assets overlaid with statistical analysis of hazards, crime, and risks in the area.


In December 2018, the Governor’s Operating Budget was published, which included numerous recommendations from the study to be funded in the coming fiscal years. Funding for security improvements included organizational funding and the development of a campus security operations center, updates and expansion of an enterprise electronic security system, and an improved communications network for law enforcement, security, and other first responders working on the capitol complex.