Under the Security Master Planning contract with the Iowa General Services Department, iParametrics is a pre-qualified consultant to provide a range of services to increase the safety, reduce the vulnerability, and improve the security of the State and its political subdivisions including counties, cities, townships, villages, schools, utility and flood-control districts, and similar governmental entities..

Approved Services

  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Risk Profiles
  • Site and Building Surveys, including review of existing security equipment
  • Critical Assessment Surveys
  • Antiterrorism Program/Plan
  • Access Control, Intrusion Detection, and Perimeter Protection Systems
  • Security Design for Facilities and/or Parking Lots
  • Facility Security Systems and Security Management Systems
  • Security Policies/Procedures
  • Training and Exercises
  • All-Hazard Mitigation Plan
  • Three to Five Year Security Master Implementation Plan
  • Management of Implementation Plans

Why Undertake Security Planning?

The elected and appointed leaders in a community are responsible for ensuring that the necessary and appropriate actions are taken to protect people and property from threats and hazards. Security Planning will allow State and Local leaders to:

  • Increase safety and security
  • Reduce Vulnerability
  • Provide peace of mind for residents and businesses
  • Increase tourism

Benefits to your Agency

  • Pre-negotiated pricing
  • Simple work order process for any of the services that you require
  • Vetted and ASIS certified consultant with extensive State and Local Security, Emergency and Crisis Management experience
  • The ability to compare and benchmark your security organization, operations, processes, and systems against other similarly sized organizations throughout the country.
  • A trusted partner to guide you through the security planning, design and implementation process

Why iParametrics?

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